Best Hen’s Night Party at the Beach

Best Hen’s Night Party at the Beach

Looking for a fun hens night party?

Don’t have ideas where to organize the upcoming hen’s party for your friend? Well, a beach hen’s party at any one of Melbourne’s beaches might sound like a truly amazing idea, since it is summer and all! You just need to make sure she loves the beach, and then you can go ahead and plan an unforgettable day and night at the nearest, most beautiful beach you can find. The bride to be doesn’t have to know anything about this, so plan everything with utmost secrecy…

No1. – choose the location. A beautiful beach in Melbourne where you can swim, splash, surf at day…but where there’s a nightclub and bar at night where you can all go for drinks and even more fun.

No2- make the preparations. The bride to be doesn’t know anything about the plan, so she won’t dress up in a swimsuit when you go to take her out. Therefore, bring everything necessary for her: swimsuit, fancy sunglasses, a large hat…and don’t forget about the sunscreen. Put all of her accessories in a separate cute beach tote.

No.3- It’s ok. You’ll swim and surf and what not, but you also need to eat something. Therefore prepare the most delicious food that you will take with you. Obviously, don’t prepare sandwiches. Most beaches in Melbourne have good food options nearby. This is a special occasion, so you can either arrange with catering to bring out delicious food in the afternoon, or you can book a table at the nearest beach restaurant. If the caterer brings out food, don’t forget to arrange for a nice bottle of champagne. Beach, girls and champagne always equals great fun!

No.4- Besides swimming, there’s more fun at the beach. Organize cute games, bury the hen in sand, build castles…just be wild. Make sure you also have some music to listen to as the night starts falling, and even have a bonfire with drinks, ghost stories and lots of laughter. Alternatively, you can pack up and hit the nearest club for dancing and drinking until early morning hours. Perhaps you could even wonder to an exclusive male strip club if you are up for some cheeky adventures with male strippers.

A beach party can be indeed a gorgeous idea, but it takes a lot of planning for everything to come out right. So keep the following hens night ideas Melbourne as an option:

  • Make a list with who’s going to be invited
  • If you eat and drink on the beach, you might want to arrange for a cute table & chairs for more comfort
  • What if it’s going to rain and you planned everything? Remember that Melbourne weather is unpredictable. Don’t panic. You should always have a rescue solution, especially when you plan important parties outdoors. Then, you can just hit the closest restaurant; have a nice meal and after that start visiting one club after the other on the beach for tremendous fun.
  • Always arrange in time rides and cabs home for those invited. This is an “alcoholic” party, so it’s not safe for anyone to drive her own car. It’s also not a good idea to sacrifice anyone and keep them from drinking just to be able to drive guests home…
  • The bride to be needs to receive an unforgettable gift. So instead of each of you buying her different little gifts, it’s a much better idea to buy her one more valuable gift together- a beautiful necklace, a gorgeous pair of earrings, a watch, etc. This way, she will get something of value from all of you, something that she will cherish for many years to come.